Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

You know me, I love any excuse for a bunch of old pictures, but today my parents celebrate their 36th year of marriage.  So, this is an extra special occasion!

 If this doesn't say 1970s prom, I don't know what does.  My grandma made that dress too!
 I always say if I do get married, my bridesmaids are going to wear the pastel rainbow with matching hats.  One more reason to hope that never actually happens, ladies!

I love everything about this picture--the fake nature, the Farrah wings, the patches on Dad's jacket--all of it!
 Here they are with baby me!
 At Matt and Mel's wedding

Happy Anniversary!  Here's to many more! 


  1. Love the pics! They look like my wedding pictures. Wishing the best to your folks! They look precious!

  2. My sister got married in 1973 and I was a Jr. Bridesmaid. All the bridesmaids wore dotted swiss with big hats. I loved it : )

    Happy Anniversary to your parents!

  3. Awwww! Such great pics. The top one was at mom and dads. All pictures brought back memories.


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