Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blog Fail

I know I keep saying I will do better and then I don't write for a few days.  The tens of you that read this are probably disappointed in me.  But, such is life, I suppose.  One of these days I will get back to some kind of semblance of a schedule.  I can already start to feel things fall into a decent rhythm, so maybe that day will be sooner rather than later.  Until then, enjoy this hastily typed list:
  • I have a sinus infection, which I, of course, came down with over the weekend.  Antibiotics seems to be getting things back to normal, but it proves once again that children are just walking petri dishes.
  • Teaching children to sing parts (even if it is only two parts) has to be one of the greatest lessons in my patience and theirs ever.  Mine because I really want it to magically come together like on Glee.  Theirs because they have a choir teacher who can't actually sing harmony or play the piano with any consistent skill.  We shall learn together.  We will persevere.  
  • My niece is gets cuter, funnier, and smarter every time I see her (I have some new pictures to show you sometime).  I'm convinced she is a baby genius.  I may be slightly biased.
  • Vicks Vapor Rub Cream is pretty much the greatest invention ever.  And the only way that I have managed to sleep through the night the last two days.  Well, that and the mountain of pillows that are keeping me upright.
  • I have noticed that the people who are starting college look like absolute babies.  There's a special kind of horror you feel when you realize that the handsome guy across the way is young enough you could have taught him American History.  Bluh!
Anyway, what's been going on with you all?  I feel like I never get enough time to check out everyone's blogs or even reply to comments on here, but trust me, I read them all! 


  1. What gets worse is when the graduate students look like they should be in high school. I just had one start that looks like he should be a freshman in high school and he is 22.

  2. I don't start until nest Tues. and the creatures come on Wed. The new teacher that started last fall looks so young he could be my grandson. Hope your sinus infection goes away soon :)


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