Friday, August 10, 2012

It's Friday Already?

If you are visiting from Kate's blog, I wanted to take a minute and say Hi!  You can learn more about me in general from the About Me tab.

Well, I have survived my first week back to an almost normal work schedule.  The kids start at the end of next week.  I'm more excited and terrified than I have maybe ever been (and this is my tenth year)!  Changing over to the Common Core and teaching two subjects I've never taught before is a lot to manage.  And that's not counting my side job teaching GED prep classes.  But I feel really good about all of it at this point!

And if that wasn't enough, I have actually managed to lose a pound this week.  I'm still not sure how I am going to fit working out five to six days a week into my school schedule (though I do have a workout partner starting this fall), but I'll manage.  For the first time ever, it is actually important to me, and when something's important, you make it work.  One thing that I have noticed is how much more energy and focus I have since I've started working out regularly.  However, I'm also ready for bed by ten, too.  Guess I burn up all that energy during the day, huh?

You'd think since this is my last long weekend before I start back to work officially on Tuesday that I would have big plans, but I really don't.  I'm probably going to be really boring and spend most of my time continuing to clean my house.  I have all of these things I want to do around here, and while most of them will have to wait until the funds become available, that's not true of all of them.  So maybe I'll make some progress.  Who knows?

Well, I'm just not that interesting today.  Sorry if you are new here and hoping to be dazzled by my brilliant prose.  I promise sometimes I actually talk about important and interesting things.  Anyway, I can't wait to meet all of you that are stopping in!  Leave a comment and tell me what your plans are, or just say Hi.  Wishing you a great weekend!


  1. Did you get your air conditioner fixed?

    1. Yes and no. I have the loan taken care of, and the new inside unit is on order. It should be here sometime late next week. Thankfully, the weather here is going to be absolutely amazing over the next week, so the little-window-unit-that-could should keep me cool and sane until we get the new unit here.

  2. I just stopped by from Kate's blog and I am now you newest super coll party person!I am a 2nd year teacher and I know the feeling about Common Core, my new school is not adopting it until next year...but it is fast approaching.

    1. We aren't officially adopting until next year, but our principal really wants us to have it all written out and put together this year. That's what we have been working on this last week.

      Glad you are now a super cool party person! (Wish I could take credit for that, but it's totally a Gilmore Girls reference!)


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