Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Holes, Trees and Sweetness

I promised a weekend recap, so here we go.  After a long, dry summer, we have been getting so much rain here recently.  We had two days of pretty nasty storms.  This was one of the results.

What is it you ask?  Well, according to my father, it's a ground hornets nest that was washed out by the rain. There were a few hornets lingering around the morning I discovered it, but they have since moved out.  I didn't even know that was a thing, but all I could think about were those horrible tracker jackers from The Hunger Games, which is completely insane because they are imaginary.  But, welcome to my brain.  Oh and speaking of things I didn't know, there was this.

Let me tell you a little story.  On Friday evening, my mom called and said that she and Dad had seen the tree down in my yard, and that Dad would go over and talk to the guy who owned the business next door to get the removal all worked out.  I said something to the effect of, "What are you talking about, Crazy Lady?"  Long story short, apparently Thursday's storm knocked down the tree.  It was dark and raining by the time that I got home from my other job, and I couldn't see it, which makes perfect sense.  However, I went to work and came home from work, IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, on Friday and never noticed it.  Wow, little concerned for my powers of observation.

The rest of the weekend, I spent with this little darling.  We took her around and showed her off to all of the people in town for the festival.  And took in the talent show, which was...well....um....interesting.  And got in a million cuddles and snuggles.  Here she is just hanging around, playing in the floor.  She grabs everything with her hands and toes.  It's so funny!

Speaking of, here's a picture from her six month photo shoot.  They were taken by my friend, David Michael Webb, who is a complete genius when it comes to photography.  He took Matt and Mel's wedding pictures and Miss M's newborn pics.  I'm biased, but I think she's awfully cute!

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  1. Careful of the hornets. They're mean! We had a huge nest that suddenly appeared in a matter of minutes.

    Your niece is so cute...you're in for lots of fun with her!


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