Monday, January 28, 2013

I'm Still Here!

I've been a pretty terrible blogger as of late.  I blame it on a combination of not having much to say and not having enough time to actually sit down and write.  However, here's a little random list action for you...

  • The Divine Miss M had her first birthday party over the weekend.  You better believe there will be pictures of that coming at you soonish.
  • My second job is going to be insanely hectic this semester.  If you weren't aware, the GED test will change in 2014, so many people are trying to take advantage of being able to take the old test.  It means my classes have been packed so far.  At least I won't have to worry about being bored!
  • I didn't do the Hodgepodge for the first time in forever last week, and I missed it!  I will certainly be back with bells on this Wednesday.
  • Last Monday, my friends and I got together for some day-off winery time.  It was the first time we had been together in 2013, and I think it was officially decided that we will never go that long without getting together again!  There's something about getting together with your girls that cures a lot of ills. (Of course, a bottle or three of wine doesn't really hurt, either.)
  • In my classroom, we are currently studying The Civil War, The Holocaust (through Number The Stars), The Outsiders, and Jazz and Blues music.  To say I feel a little all over the place creatively seems like an understatement.  (And this doesn't count the school musical, set in another time and place entirely!)
And it's Monday again.  The good news is there are only 13 more this school year!  (And now I wish I hadn't counted because that seems like a really long time...)


  1. Been crazy for me at school. The third week in Jan. only came to school for 2 days and last week were on a 2 hr. delay for 4 days and missed Friday. The weather for this week is to be in the 6o's-so we all will be tired come Wednesday!

    1. We haven't had any snow days. All of our snow came over Christmas so far. There's always a chance we could have a couple in February, but I won't be complaining if we don't use any and get out mid-May.

      Good luck this week! It's tough going back a whole week when you've been out (especially because you seem to have to retrain your students!).

  2. I remember The Outsiders. I remember in English class being so unmotivated to read and by the end I was sad it had ended!


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