Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Rant-Free Update

So, about yesterday...I kind of got my rant on, didn't I?  I feel much better now, though.  How about I catch you up on a few other recent events in my life?

  • The musical was, by all counts, a great success.  We had large audiences both nights, did an extra show for the middle school and elementary and survived them all with great flair and a lot of help!  I'm so thankful for a community that pitches in when it really counts and I'm already looking forward to next year.  (Did you know they make junior versions of Guys and Dolls and Thoroughly Modern Millie?  Yeah, neither did I.)
  • Easter break (which was only five short days for me) was pretty good, despite the gloomy weather and a hovering foul mood.  Am I the only one who has days where you just can't get in the mood for life?  I'm blaming a several lack of sun, and am feeling better now that it's sunny and a little warmer out!
  • I did get to spend most of two days with my niece, Miss M.  She's just the cutest, smartest, best thing ever!  And she's just started saying my name when she sees me, which is pretty fun, too.  It seems like she says or does something new every single day recently.
  • It's only 32 days until summer vacation!  As it always is at the end of the year, that means it's time to cram a whole lot of things into seven weeks, but I'll take it!  
  • My second job finally feels enjoyable.  I think that getting the assistant has pretty much been the best thing ever!  I was there late last night and I didn't even mind.  (And I don't get a panic attack nor am I filled with dread when I think of going to the second job now either, which is pleasant.)
  • Track season is upon us.  I have a new co-coach and a bunch of fresh smiling faces.  And even if we don't win a lot, we are going to have fun!  (And that's what really counts, even if I am super competitive and really, really like winning...right?)
Okay, so the question is, what's new with you?  Drop me a line or two in the comments.  I love to hear from you!


  1. There was one school year when I had this horrific group of 4th gr., and had the days and hours on a continuous mental countdown. Summer will come.

  2. My youngest daughter played Adelaide in the Jr. Guys and Dolls when she was in 8th grade. I know I'm her mother, but she absolutely stole the show. She had the attitude and the accent down pat. She kinda was Adelaide : ) My husband and I say to this day that remains our most favorite show ever.

    I'm glad life is feeling more sane. I'm with you on the weather though...spring is really taking her time making an appearance and that most definitely affects my mood.


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