Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 15: My Dream House (UPDATED)

I think I've always loved the idea of building or creating my dream house.  I have notes in journals from junior high with very specific things I wanted in a future house.  Of course, I'm not sure that I would want any of those things now.  And I tend to suffer from having champagne taste and a beer budget.  Don't get me wrong, I love my little house.  It's perfect for just me, and I've been able to decorate (and redecorate) it just the way I've wanted it.  (In fact, there are a few changes coming soon!)

Thanks to Pinterest, I have a thousand ideas about what I would want my dream house to look like.  I think I was probably born into the wrong place, because I do really like the big southern houses with wrap-around porches.  However, I tend to favor a more contemporary open floor plan on the inside, since old houses are often chopped up into a lot of small rooms. I don't really want a huge house or anything, but I would want there to be plenty of room to have family and friends over.  I would want a big kitchen, because Casey is going to have to have somewhere to host her cooking show from.  (Goodness knows, I don't have any business in there!)  And I want lots of storage space.  And a big bathtub.  That's it.  Those are my big requirements.  Don't tell me I'm not easy to please!  ;)

I can't believe we are already halfway through the Challenge!  Hope you are having a great time, and that you keep linking up through the rest of the month!


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