Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 28: The Purse Game

I like big purses.  Always have.  Which means that I tend to pick up lots of extra things that may or may not be normal for a purse.  If you looked into my LuLu purse at the moment, you might find:
  • My Nook
  • The plug-in charger for said Nook
  • My wallet (which is full of goodness only knows what)
  • A cell phone car charger that my SIL gave me
  • Two wine corks from the last winery adventure
  • Random cash and receipts strewn throughout
  • Two pair of sunglasses
  • A can koozie
  • A notebook
  • Random ink pens 
  • A travel hairspray
  • A hairbrush
  • My cell phone (if on the move)
  • Mini-lotion
I think that's about it.  During the summer, I don't keep much makeup in my purse because I'm always afraid I will leave my purse in the car and it will melt everywhere.  Even so, all of this would not win me the purse game among my friends.  

What do you keep in your purse?


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