Friday, September 25, 2009

Seven Things I Am Super Excited About In The Coming Week...

  • FAME - Going to see this movie tonight (opening night) at the late showing at the good theater in C'dale.  You will receive the official movie review Monday.
  • My family birthday party - Chicken and dumplings, all the fixin's, and for dessert...(drumroll, please)...German Chocolate Upside Down Cake.  I only get this cake on my birthday.  That's a good thing because I can eat almost the entire thing in one sitting.  It's just that good!  Oh, and presents, of course, which are mostly cash so I can get a new iPod, another DVD cabinet, and several TV seasons on DVD to fill said shelf.
  • Pay Day - You should always have the good manners to be excited when someone is giving you money, as long as said money is earned morally and legally.  (If it's not, you should probably spend your time figuring out how to find another way to earn money.  Or how to avoid prison.)
  • My birthday!!  - On October 1, I will be 28 years old!  And I still totally think about birthdays like I did when I was little.  So, I'm looking forward to it, even though I have to work and will have already had my family thingy.
  • My Friday off - Every year as a birthday present to myself, I take a personal day.  On this day, I usually get my hair done and a mani/pedi, then do something fun with my girlies that night.  This year I'm not going out, and instead going back to work for a fundraiser, but the haircut and pedicure should be nice.
  • The arrival of Kamryn - Though I teased about her being a birthday present, my friend's new baby girl will end up being born this week one way or another.  If she doesn't come on her own, she will be here sometime shortly after 7:30 a.m. on Friday.  So, I will probably get to meet her during my day off.  Which I guess can count as getting together with my girlies on Friday.  On Saturday, however....
  • Wine Trail - Southern Illinois has many wonderful things to offer.  There are few more wonderful than the wine trail.  I think we will be hitting two or three of the finer wineries over next weekend as part of my extended birthday celebration.  Needless to say, I'm looking forward to it.  Particularly if the weather will be cooperative and we can sit outside.
So, I'm feeling pretty good about the next week....Hope your next seven days are just as awesome!


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