Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Movie Review: Fame

 So it's not Monday...but here's the review anyway.

On Friday night, a group of girlies and I went to the late show to see Fame.  Now, it should be noted here that I was not as excited as some members of our little group.  It would be hard to be more excited than my sister and Sheena, who have been talking about this premiere for over a month.  But there I was in the theater with one on each side of me as the opening credits rolled.

This movie was pretty much exactly what I thought it would be.  I don't mean that in a negative way, though.  It just wasn't especially surprising on any count.  My best description was that Fame was like if So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol had a child.  If you love movies where people sing and dance, then this is your movie.  If you like movies that have complex and dramatic plotlines and extensive character development, then I'm sure there's something you will enjoy in another theater.  You have to know your audience, and it's obvious by the musical numbers and short vignettes that the people behind Fame were aiming for those of us with short attention spans and a love for theatrics.

That said, the performances were awesome. Kherington Payne, who was a brilliant contestant on SYTYCD, shines in the dance sequences.  When Asher Book opened his mouth to sing, I think we all found a new crush,  and Naturi Naughton can certainly hold her own when it comes to singing and playing.  I like that they didn't cast "names" but instead went with people who were truly talented in their discipline.  The brightest spot for this musical theater loving chic was Megan Mullally belting out "You Took Advantage Of Me."  While it freaks me out a little when she's not in character as Karen on Will & Grace, she shows why she continues to have just as much work treading the boards as she does on the big or small screen.

All in all, I'd give it a C.  It was great for a Friday night out with the girls but isn't going to garner any attention come award season (with the exception, perhaps, of the choreography).  That they took another go at this idea does prove, however, that the draw of this franchise may actually live forever. (Corny, but I couldn't resist!)

P.S. Real life story:  While the credits were playing, in the now empty theater, my sister, LuLu, felt the need to dance.  And because she actually can (unlike her uncoordinated older sister), she put on quite the show for those of us there to witness.  The attendant in the projection box seemed impressed, too.  It remains one of the funniest things I've seen in a while, and it had to be added namely because she said, and I quote, "This better make your blog."  So, there you have it.


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