Wednesday, November 4, 2009

If Only This Blog Had a Smell Feature...

So, last night, as I was putting away the lasagna (that I made for just me because I had a craving for it while grocery shopping), I noticed a smell in my kitchen.  It wasn't entirely unpleasant, but I also couldn't really place it.  At the time, I attributed it to the peppers and onions I had cooked and went on.  So, this morning, as I went to grab my lunch out of the fridge, the smell was worse...MUCH worse.  Come to find out, a jar of pickles that I had sort of forgotten about, had turned over on the second shelf of the fridge and leaked pickle juice everywhere.  Hopefully, the baking soda that I quickly threw in there will help absorb the stench before I get home! 

In other news,  my new fitness program is rocking.  I have lost 2 pounds since Sunday and have worked out every day!  And I feel better, which of course, begs the question "Why don't I want to do this all the time?"  I'm super excited because I bought a new iPod yesterday and the weather is supposed to be gorgeous this weekend, so I am going to add a couple long walks to my cardio and strength building.  (Wow, I almost sound like I know what I'm doing!)

And finally, if you haven't given it a listen, picked up the Glory Revealed Volume Two CD at your local retailer.  The first volume was great, but I think this one might be even better.  I have a terrible time remember Scripture and feel like I at least vaguely remember the Psalms in song form.  Plus, I love Mac Powell and wish I could keep him in my closet to sing to me whenever I want.  (But there are several laws of God and man that keep that from being okay, so I will just have to settle for the CD.  :)  There are other wonderful artists joining him, so consider this my official endorsement.


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