Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back To Reality...

I have been back to my real life now for two whole days.  It's hard to go back to the grind after having such a great time off during break. I know I've said it before but it's such a welcome change from where I was last year.  I do really feel refreshed though, and I am not nearly as stressed as I was before break.  (Talk to me again as we get closer to the big events this semester...)

Like my friend over at A Life in Ordinary, I know that it's high time to get it in gear with working out.  I feel better when I work out, so that should be enough to motivate me.  But after seeing pictures of myself recently, I know that I can't continue to live at this size.  It's simply not good for me. No huge sweeping changes, but I know how to eat right and exercise, so I intend to do it.  I've got a little over five months until Matt & Mel's wedding, three until we head to Alabama, but it's time just the same.  And if I get serious, I have no doubt I can be successful at this.  In fact, I'm refusing to use any of my Christmas gift cards until I can fit into some of my other clothes again.  Even 10 lbs. would have me heading in the right direction.  But it's not numbers that I am most concerned about, it's my energy level and my overall fitness. 

I'm working on post that will talk about some of my other goals for 2010.  Look for it before the end of the week!  See you soon--


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