Friday, February 19, 2010

Kid-Free Friday and Other Updates

I'm having a very abnormal day.  Most of my kids are gone on a field trip and I am just kind of hanging around.  The good news is that it's giving me time to do a million different things that I haven't had the chance to, like go through the intricate filing systems (read: piles of junk) that seem to have accumulated in my room over the course of the first semester.  There's only so much I can do without the assistance of some Rubbermaid tubs, but I can see some progress and I will take some progress over none any day of the week. 

Of course I am doing without trying to do too much with my right hand.  In a showing of my usual style and grace, I hit my hand on Wednesday on a seat belt plug-in thingy and it was swollen yesterday morning.  I ended up going to get x-rays, and thankfully they don't think anything is broken, but I have a splint that I am supposed to be wearing.  I'm not doing a very good job with that though because I took it off in my sleep and I haven't worn it much today.  (Oh, c'mon, it gets in my way.)  Besides, my hand doesn't hurt all that much and I'm being careful with it! 

Anyway, tonight's karaoke!  I'm sure I will pop in to show a few fun pictures sometime tomorrow in between watching the Olympics (GO USA!) and working on my homework for my gifted seminar that's due on Monday.  Later! 


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