Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I can't wait for Friday night!  Why you ask?  Because Friday marks the triumphant return of Karaoke Friday...and oh the crew that is already rounded up and raring to go!  And the best part?  Amber is coming over from the MO and we are having a slumber party!!  (I know, so many exclamation points, but I am REEEAAALLLLYY excited!)  I haven't seen Amber in 2010 due to snow or sickness or other really sucky things, and I miss that chick.  So there will be singing and midnight Mc-ee-D's and bagels and photos and oh-so-much happy to celebrate our reuniting to rock this still somewhat new year.  Add in some antiques and it would be almost perfect!

Not really much else to report.  Going to Vienna tonight for the Rekindling youth service.  Michael's band is playing so it will give me an excuse to huddle with the bride-and-groom-to-be over their upcoming June wedding.   And I have to do some house cleaning in the near future, since I am actually having company this weekend.  But most of my attention right now is on that blessed day at the end of the week!  Get here soon, Friday.  Get here soon...


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