Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Reflections On One Year

I feel like I haven't really had enough extra brain power to post recently.  Between having a very violent case of the stomach flu, my gifted class and Homecoming week, I've had my hands full.  And to top it off, I just haven't really felt like I had all that much to say.  I don't know that I do now really.  Valentine's Day has come and gone and I didn't really think much of it one way or the other.  I have, however, been thinking about how much I've changed over the course of the last year.  I don't even recognize the girl I was this time last year.  And as I've said before, I didn't even realize how bad things really were.  I'd "dropped my basket," and everything was just strung out all over the place.

As I sit here a whole year later, I am so thankful that things are better, that I am better.  It's not been the most fun year at times.  Sometimes, things were downright difficult.  But, it's been worth it.  No one likes to be disciplined, but when God does it there's a purpose.  And it's in our best interest to just get with it and learn.  And learn I did.  I have never been this confident about who I am and more importantly, who I am not.  I have never felt more certain of my purpose and my direction, even when I don't know the exact details.  I know how good it feels to not be lost, to not be overwhelmed, to not feel alone in the world.  This has been the best year of my life, because it's the year that I had to earn.  And like I tell my kids, when you earn it, it always means so much more. 


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