Monday, March 8, 2010

My Weekend In Pictures...

First things first...this is my spring purse. Yes, it's fabulous! (And it matches my blog!)

But let's talk about the rest of last weekend in pictures....

Friday night, Sheena and I went to dinner and then to No Compromise's CD release party.  One of the guys in the band is a guy I went to college with.  Billy (on the left) was one of the quietest guys I knew.  Now he's a rock star.  No seriously, he has a great stage presence and a great voice.  God is awesome!

Saturday, I went out on my photo adventure with Dad and Libbie. This is Dale, my parent's outside cat who only has one lung and spends most of his time trying to avoid Lib's dog, Tucker (who you will see in a minute).

We went to an auction first.  There wasn't much to see so we didn't stay, but I wish that I could have bought these really cool, old bottlecaps.

Then we stopped to take some barn pictures.  And pick up Tucker at my grandma's house.  He really wanted to sit with his mama, but he was stinky, so he was denied.

After that, we decided to go with my dad on his new mission.  He has decided to document where all of my family is buried because he realized that my grandma is probably the last one with that information.  This meant that we spent the rest of the morning walking through cemeteries.  (Which was cooler than you might think, actually.)  Lib found another angel to pose with.  And while we didn't find who we were originally looking for, we did find the headstone of my great-great grandparents.

Sunday, I went for a walk around town and took a few shots.  I am always amazed with what I can find just a couple of blocks from my house.  It was another beautiful day and a great way to end the weekend!


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