Monday, March 8, 2010

Hearts, Stars, Rainbows, Clovers and Blue Moons

Perhaps the subtitle of this post should be "Why I Shouldn't Be Allowed To Have Lucky Charms For Breakfast."  I'm a little hyper, but they used to be my favorite cereal and my students had a packet they didn't want and I just couldn't resist.  Check back with me in a hour when I could fly to the moon without a rocket.

Anyway, that's not at all related to anything I intended this post for.  What I intended to talk about is how much I am learning from the people around me these days.  Some of the lessons are in obvious places, like Bible study.  I have sung the praises of these women before, and Crys did it so much more eloquently last night in her post, but I just can't say it enough.  I didn't used to take Bible study seriously.  It was something that I did because I felt like I should and that was that.  But the older I get, the more I see that these times are invaluable to me.  Even if the only thing I was to take home with me was that someone feels the same way I do about a subject, that would be enough.  But it's so much more. 

Bible study isn't the only place where I'm seeing beautiful things however.  I see them in a friend who is determined to find a forgiving heart when it would be easier not to and in another who shares her story when she didn't have to.  I've also been reminded that when you stand up for what is right, even when no one did that for you, it does wonders for your spirit.  Recently, I've done a lot of learning from those I am supposed to be instructing.  I've learned that honesty and humor can unlock doors I thought were closed and that circumstances that were overwhelmingly difficult in my life might have played out so that I can help others.  I'm reminded that sometimes you just need to have a good cry, but that a good laugh can also do the trick. 

Truth be told, the lessons were always there.  But I think that God has really opened my eyes to just how much there is to learn from all kinds of relationships in my life, if I will just stop and pay attention.  And I'll take that over Lucky Charms any day of the week. 

P.S. - My weekend in pictures will be coming at ya tonight...

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