Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Thoughts

I realize that I haven't exactly been the queen of deep and thoughtful posts this week.  (or most weeks!)  If you are looking for deep and thoughtful, you've come to the wrong place again today...

Happy Thoughts:
  • My sister rocked her first try at her nursing exam!  She still gets a second one, but suddenly she's feeling pretty good about where her future is headed.  And that makes a big sister awfully proud!
  • I'm hanging out with Sheena tonight.  We are going to go out to SCC for a CD release party of a local Christian band.  I'm more jazzed about getting to see my friend though.
  • I'm going on a Saturday photo adventure with my daddy tomorrow.  And then I am going to buy new tennis shoes (if they have the ones I want).  And then there's a Chrysalis Hoot.  So big day.
  • Bible study Sunday night!
  • Wedding planning!  We had a very sucessful meeting last night!  Blushing Bride (aka Lauren) didn't even pout when I gave them a little homework to do.  Once a teacher, always a teacher. 
Have a great weekend!  Maybe I will even post some pics!


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