Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday Morning Isn't Close Enough To Friday Afternoon

It seems like this week has gone on forever!  And I'm a little tired of the whole ordeal.  The good news is, that as a reward for not completely procrastinating and getting my homework done tonight (probably...hopefully...surely), I have planned a wedding meeting for later in the evening!  I'm sure I've never mentioned this before, but I love wedding planning and I especially love planning this wedding!  I've never known a sweeter couple, however, her sweetness is spoiling all the years of work we did hassling DM!  Ha!

I also got my daddy to agree to go out adventuring with me on Saturday for at least part of the day!  I love the farm and photography and I like adventuring (even though I don't do it nearly enough), so it should be pretty interesting.  Other than that, I'm pretty boring today.  Maybe Friday will bring more fun?


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