Monday, March 1, 2010

Whoo-hoo, March!

Let me just start off by saying "Happy March" everyone.  You have almost survived another winter and just over the horizon looms spring! May I suggest celebrating by breaking out your spring purse.  (I'll try to remember to post a pic of mine this week!)

I had a great weekend!  Saturday I got up early, met my mama and the women from church and went to Carbondale for the GAM Women's Conference.  The praise and worship was awesome (I really wish I had picked up her CD), but I totally want to steal her "old man band" (as phrased by Crys)!  Kendra Smiley was our featured speaker and she was the right mix of funny and straightforward.  Her session after lunch was about guilt, and I really took it to heart!  I will certainly be thinking about who packed my bags the next time I find myself on a gulit trip.  The breakout session Crys and I went to was on hospitality, and this wonderful woman bought everyone in the session Victoria's Secret body wash and spray.  If she was looking for my attention, I can be bought!  But in all seriousness, she made some excellent points.  Even when we find ourselves in a position we don't want to be in, dealing with something we don't want to deal with, we have to remember that God wants us to be encouragers.  That's an area where I struggle sometimes, so she had a lot of food for thought. 

After the conference, Mama and I did a little shopping (Target!) and I bought some exercise clothes, because I have survived and made it to Week 2 and that means I should be rewarded!  When we got back, I ended up hanging out at with my family on Saturday night because my brother was home.  (And who would pass up free pizza and brownies?)

And Sunday was the best kind of Sunday--Chicken and Dumplings at Reichert Farms!  I rushed out of church and through the door of the homestead just in time (they were blessing the meal).  It was awesome and I ate entirely too much and didn't even care.  I finished off the night with the second meeting of our Spring Bible study.  We are working through Beth Moore's study on Esther and I am already fascinated by her story.  I can't wait until next week!  We have a slightly bigger group of women than we had in the fall, and already the discussion is just blessing my heart.  Definitely one of the best parts of my week!

This week will be filled with ISATs for the kids at school.  We are also starting track practice tomorrow.  I am so excited about getting started on a new track season!  Nothing says spring better! (Except for a turquoise, faux ostrich purse!)


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