Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hi, I'm Katie, and I'm a TV addict...

The first of Glee's back 9 premiered last night.  It brought me so much happiness!  How could you not love an hour of singing that includes Idina Menzel!?!  Really excited about her arc on the show, as well as where the storylines seem to be going in general.  The "other" New Directions kids are getting to shine more, including "other Asian" Mike Chang's (Harry Shum, Jr.) superb dancing.  If you haven't watched yet, I won't spoil it!  But you need to hurry over to Hulu and check it out!  You can also download the songs on iTunes, and no, this is not a paid endorsement.  Just pure and unadulterated fan speak!

Speaking of television shows I love, have you met the Duggars?  I have to admit that at first I thought they were a little odd.  And while the chances of me wanting to have 19 children are just below the chances that I will be opening a tap-dance centered musical on Broadway, I admire people who are strong in their beliefs.  They believe that God has called them to take as many children as He gives them, and they run a home centered on love and Christian values.  There's no doubt there is love in that house and that they are raising children who will be responsible, skilled adults.  Mostly, I think it's just nice to watch people on television who are Christians that aren't being mocked or ridiculed.  I feel like TLC is very fair to them, and portrays them in a positive way, not like weirdos on the fringe of society.  Plus, the kids are super funny and cute (especially Jackson and Johannah) and Cousin Amy keeps them from being too sheltered.  It's good, wholesome fun.

From that to a discussion of shows that make me question society, which includes pretty much anything on the E! Network.  Can anyone explain to me who those people on Pretty Wild are and what in the world they are doing with a TV show?  And don't even get me started on the Kardashians.  Really, let's just take a minute to look at reality TV in general., because seriously, what reality are most of these people living in?  From The Bachelor to The Hills, it's just bad!  (Looking at you, Heidi and Spencer!)

And I know that it's supposed to be good fun, and I get sucked in just as much as anyone else to these train wrecks.  But, it's no wonder that the rest of the world is kicking our tails in academics.  We are too concerned with whether Kim and Reggie are going to stay together (or not) to actually worry about important things.  I love TV.  I was raised in a home where TV was something we enjoyed and discussed and still is.  (My parents are huge Glee fans as I have mentioned before, and in fact, my mom stopped by my room earlier to discuss last night's episode!)  But, when being famous at any cost is what we aspire to as a society, what does that say about society?  I had been thinking about getting satellite over the summer and still might, but I am really thinking about my lack of self-discipline and how maybe I just need to commit to turning the TV off more.  I didn't really mean for this to be a second sermon, it's just where my head is at on these matters.  I really want to fill my head (and my body, for that matter) with better stuff.  Maybe a TV diet wouldn't be so bad.  (Just as long as it's not on Glee night.  Or Grey's Anatomy...)


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