Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Adventure, Anyone?

What do you do when you actually get something that you really wanted?  Does it ever feel as good as you thought it would?  Let me just say that the answer is a resounding yes.  Moving on...

This weekend I am really wanting to go yard saling or resale shopping.  First of all, I just really like it.  I really prefer auctions, but I will take a nice yard sale.  Second, I'm trying to find a few gently used toys for the nursery and some cute things for my house.  I'm definitely wanting to get my bedroom finished this summer (preferably soon) and then I would like to make a few changes to the sun room and back bedroom.  And the kitchen...and the living room...you get the idea.

Even though it's turned almost unbearably hot, I really want to get out and enjoy this long weekend.  I'm going to try to avoid Herrin Festa, because crowds aren't really my thing, but maybe something else?  I want to try to find a few new spots to take pictures too.  Perhaps I will stop by Ms. Mildred's again and see what's blooming.   I'm just all jumpy in my skin and I need to get out.  This is one of those times it would be really convenient to be dating, because at least then I'd have someone to guilt into coming along with me on my adventures.  But, I'll figure it out, I'm sure.  The best adventures are those unplanned ones.


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