Thursday, June 17, 2010

Guess Who's Getting Married This Weekend?!

My little brother is getting married.  Yep, that's right.  The big day that I've been talking about for months now is finally upon us.  (Or almost!)  And an event such as this seemed like a really good time to show a few recently scanned, but fairly old family pictures.

This is us in the early days.  I feel that I should mention I was spoiled rotten, and it really rocked my three year-old world for this new kid to show up.  In fact, I was mad at my mom and asked her to take him back to wherever he came from.  But, they brought him home anyway, and I eventually warmed to the idea. 

Besides, he was kind of fun when he wasn't messing up my pictures.  There is an incident where he hit me in the head with a baseball bat and I somehow ended up in trouble for it.  That was unfortunate.  But mostly, it was fun stuff.

See, don't we look like we're having a great time?  That was Easter of 1990-something.  (Or as I like to call it, the Easter That Fashion Forgot.)  My brother was an athlete from the start, unlike his more uncoordinated, fine arts loving sister.  Matt did karate, baseball, and basketball as far back as I can remember.  And while I didn't make every game or sometimes went for the socialization factor (Hello?  Have you met me?), it made me so proud when he won a match, hit the ball, or scored a basket.  I'm still really proud, but for completely different reasons.  Matt and I were never really the sit-down-and-talk-about-your-feelings kind of siblings.  I may have mentioned it once or twice, but my family doesn't really work like that.  However, when it matters, when it's time to be there, we show up.  Matt sat through a lot of musicals (which weren't exactly his thing), because they were my thing.  And I know that if I ever really needed something, (like a large, handmade desk moved into my house, for example) he'll be there and he'll move it.  I love my brother more than I could ever actually express, if for no other reason than he's MY brother (and there's only one other chick in the world with the honor of saying that)!
My bubby has been a lifelong Cardinals fan.  This was a trait that was instilled in him by Grandpa Gus from the time he was very young.  (Just one more thing they shared other than looks!)  This picture was taken from their hotel of old Busch Stadium, on the night of Matt's first live game.  And to this day, if you listen closely on game nights, you can hear Matt yelling at the players and declaring his general dislike of Tony LaRussa.

My parents eventually added my baby sister the mix, and we all grew up to be happy and well-adjusted individuals.  I became the brilliant, glowing personality you know and love and decided to teach.  Matt went into the health care field instead, spending five years in the STL going to school before coming back home.  But he didn't do that before he made another good choice.

  Because through my cousin, Rob, and Katie Ochs, he was introduced to this girl several year prior.  Their first official date was on Matt's birthday, New Year's Eve, but I believe this was actually taken on the night they met (thanks, Katie O.!)  My first impression of Mel was something like, "Boy, she sure does like high heels a lot."  (Just the kind of girl I am, I suppose!) LuLu called her Giggles for the first few months.  But it didn't take long before we grew to love Melissa.  She just fit right into our family.  She went with Mom and me to Women of Faith more than once, and if she can make that trip with all of those crazy people, she's totally meant for us.  And a year ago March, Matt asked her that all-important question, and she, of course, said "Yes!"  So, really it's felt like she's been my sister-in-law for a long time now.  This weekend will just make it official.  And I can't wait!  
Stay tuned for plenty more pictures and a lifetime of happiness!


  1. Kate,
    That was priceless. I wish Matt and Melissa much happiness. I too love her and her high heels! She's an inspiration to everyone she meets. Congrats on having her be a part of your family.

  2. Aww, thanks, Debbie! Yeah, we are pretty lucky!

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