Sunday, June 27, 2010

One Busy, Bad Blogger

Okay, so I know that I am posting non-stop today, but I feel like I need to explain what's been going on!  I have been so crazy busy this last week.  While recovering from Matt and Mel's wedding, I was still teaching my college class, trying to work on my bedroom (actually made a little headway there) and was helping with another wedding that was yesterday! 

My friends, David Michael and Lauren, were married outside yesterday.  It was beautiful, it was God-centered, and it was HOT!  I'm talking about the kind of hot that makes you melt into your Spanx, ladies!  (And if you are the kind of girl who doesn't have to wear Spanx, well, I don't even want to talk to you right now!)  I should say that we have had some of the hottest weather I remember having in June here.  Yesterday, for instance, it was 95 with like 700% humidity.  (In my spare time, I'm also a meteorologist, obviously.)  I have been helping them plan since their engagement in February, so it was amazing that the time had finally come.  While I pretend to be a wedding coordinator, this was the first weekend that I really was the point person for things.  The girls and I made the bouquets, and (with the help of some very awesome people) I was the one responsible for gettting the tables together, the wedding started, etc.  It was overwhelming, but when I got to see Michael's face as Lauren and her dad walked toward him, it was pure bliss.  (I joked that I couldn't tell if I was sweating or crying!)  But what matters in the end is that two wonderful people, who are madly in love, are married!  They left for a three-week honeymoon, and I wish them all the happiness in the world!  Can't wait to see the pics they get of Colorado!

In other, non-wedding related news, this is another busy fun week!  I have class (of course) but I also have a family photo shoot for my third grade teacher, birthday girls' day out for Crystal's birthday, and her official family birthday celebration on Sunday complete with fireworks (I hear that it might also be the celebration of the birth of our country, but in our neck of the woods, it's all about my dear friend!).  Somewhere in there I am hoping to make some more progress on my bedroom too.  Oh, and coming tomorrow, my summer book list!  I promise to be a better blogger this week!  Expect lots of posts and pictures!


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