Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wedding Weekend Recap: Saturday

Been a little busy, but let's finish Matt and Mel's wedding before I hurry on to some of the other things I want to talk about.  I couldn't have imagined a more beautiful day for the happy couple!  Here they are coming out of the church to the guests ringing bells and the wonderful church bells!  (Of course, they only drove around the block because we had to finish pictures with my friends, David Michael and Lauren (who were married yesterday!).

Lulu was one of the bridesmaids (I chose to sing instead).  Here she is with Daddy!

My family always turns out for these big days.  This is Mom's side of the fam.

These are my grandmothers all dressed up and waiting for the big event!

The bride's bouquet!  (Isn't it gorgeous?!)

Cutting the cake!  We all had wonderful cupcakes from Larry's!

The cake close up.  I loved the arrangement on the top.

Mama and Daddy dancing the night away.

The Mom's bouquet (which is much cuter than a corsage might I add!)

This is what happy looks like!

Coincidentally, so is this...

The girls are living it up!

I had to add this picture simply because I am amazed that she can jump like that wearing those heels!

The cutest guy at the wedding steals the bride!

And here I am with two of Mel's former roomies, who happen to also be two of my new favorite people!

After the reception was over, we had a karaoke after-party and I ended up getting back to the hotel very early in the morning.  But it was totally worth it!


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