Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Weekend Update...A Little Late

So, let's rewind for a minute and discuss my weekend.  On Friday night, I went to the Miners game with my parents and LuLu.  We had great seats, but it didn't take me very long to remember why I don't like baseball that isn't the MLB.  We stayed for a while, but thankfully didn't wait out the whole bit. 

On Saturday, we had a get-together for my sis-in-law-to-be.  We started with lunch at Honeybakers and it was amazing.  From there we hit a couple of wineries and last, dinner at the one and only Flamingo Row.  Here's a few pics from the day:


We had a great time hanging here...

My sister trying to knock a couple images out of her head

The girls meeting the Man of Steel

We had a great night that bled into the early morning, so I was a bit of slug on Sunday.  But by Sunday afternoon Sheena was ready to put me to work at the studio.  She's in the home stretch of getting the studio ready to go, so we did all kinds of work on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  Here's a few picks of the work in progress:

See this brick wall.  We sealed it.  Because we are rock stars.

And there was much painting as well.

Oh, yeah, and this hole in the brick?  We patched it.  With mortar.  Because we are rock stars.

This is look in from the window.  (Literally, I was standing in the display window)

And this is looking back towards the street.

It won't be long now.  The carpet comes on Friday, and we will be able to start decorating and putting on the final touches soon!  Can't wait for the real fun to start!! 


  1. You are totally a rock star! :)

  2. Good to know I can count on your support in this totally unsupported movement! :)


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