Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy and Exhausted

Today, I went with Sheena to run some errands and do a little shopping.  Ok, so maybe I did a lot of shopping.  But it was needed as I am too chunky for most of my summer wardrobe.  Now, I am hoping to remedy some of that, but I have to have something to wear in the meantime.  I bought some shirts and another pair of capris, so hopefully this will tide me over. 

We also go pedicures since we have been working so hard in the studio.  Of course, Sheena's been working harder than I have.  I spend a lot of time watching the paint dry, but I'm trying so I guess that counts.  The good news is that the carpet guy came this evening to patch and is coming tomorrow at noon to start on the carpet!  Just wait til you see the studio with our expert decorating touch!!  :)

On a completely unrelated note, in an effort to eat healthy, I decided to start eating some healthy cereal.  (I won't knock the brand name but it rhymes with Fashi.)  Now, I understand that this cereal has decidely more fiber than I normally consume, and that this might cause some gastric distress.  But I was unprepared for the gastrointestinal pyrotechnics this cereal would cause.  For the last two days, I've felt like my backside is under artillery fire.  Let's just say I don't think I will be eating this cereal for breakfast in the morning.  Hey, where can a girl be honest but on her blog?

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