Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Last Weekend

So, at least this week, I am managing a weekend update on Tuesday.  This weekend was crazy busy, but in the absolute best kind of way.  On Friday, I had a school meeting in the morning, then met with Lauren and Michael for lunch and to work on some wedding stuff.  But the best part is that during all that I got a call about coming to decorate the studio!  I don't have any pictures yet because I haven't made it back to see the finished product, but I hear that it's gorgeous and that the studio is open for business!  (I promise you will have plenty of pictures soon!)

Saturday...oh, Saturday!  My Saturday was one of those rare days that are just golden.  I met up with all my girls and we went on a little winery excursion!  Now, I know it seems like I'm becoming a big ole wino, but this had been planned even before Mel's shower last weekend!  I hope that we get together like that more often, because it was just pure fun!  (Something we all needed some of, I think!)  After the winery, we went to dinner and then back to Ronnie and Debbie's to hang out with Tim, Megan, and Jake.  Here are a few pictures:

On Sunday, my family threw a bridal shower for my sister-in-law-to-be, Mel.  We had a great time and she got a ton of great stuff!  She kept saying that she couldn't wait to go home and start cooking!  I have to say that Mama, my aunties, my sis and I did a pretty good job.  Loved my weekend, but I'm glad that they all aren't quite so packed!

Mel and her MOH, Katie

All the women in my fam (who were present anyway!)


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