Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Home Improvement

I am an entertainment junkie.  And I had seriously outgrown the DVD shelf thingy I'd been using.  I finally broke down last week and ordered what I thought was a unit exact like the one I had.  It came in last Friday, but I hadn't had time to put it together until this afternoon.  Let me give you a glimpse of the magic...

Phase One:  Conquer the box

Phase Two:  Build the shelf

Phase Three:  Realize that the shelf is a foot taller than the one I currently own.  Cry and scream a little.  Then, laugh because this is totally the thing that happens to me all the time.

Phase Four:  Make It Work.  I apologize about the perspective but I had to stand on a chair so you could appreciate my work!  Still have some decorating to do, but as you can see, I have plenty of room for expansion now!


  1. You know, it actually looks really pretty this way. And it gives the room a different aesthetic, I imagine.

  2. Oh, I really like it now. The initial reaction did not find me in my happy place, however!


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