Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My New Favorite Artists...

I heard Rosi Golan because of One Tree Hill last season sometime.  But somehow, despite how much I loved "Hazy,"  I never really thought to look for any of her other work.  Until recently.  And now I can't get enough of her voice and her haunting lyrics.  She has lines that just make you go "Yes!  That is exactly what I feel like!"  But maybe it's just me.  Go check her out on iTunes or wherever you get your music and see what you think. 

 I'm also really in love with Tony Lucca, Jay Nash, and Matt Duke as a team.  (I already loved Tony Lucca before!)  I always laugh whenever people ask what I like to listen to.  Most people have never heard of the bands I like the most. (See Ernie Halter)  Maybe I will pick out some featured artists this summer.  I'm also totally open to suggestions.  Anyone? 

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  1. I am not the girl to ask for music! I am lucky if I get to listen to grown up music. :)


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