Thursday, July 15, 2010

One Ring Circus

In the last seven minutes I have:
  • gotten moisturizer in my eye (and trust me there's a reason they say to keep it out of there, folks!) while trying to put in my contact, causing me to writhe in great pain and wet the only clean hand towel in order to make the seering pain go away
  • Rushed around trying to finish making my house look like less of a heap, because I am keeping Giggles this afternoon and I want my Auntie to feel that she will be safe and well-cared for and not buried under a pile of junk
  • Freaked out because I thought Auntie was early, started throwing things around to "finish up"only to realize that the car pulling into the driveway was actually mine, being driven back from the tire center next door
I know.  You're jealous.  It's okay, I certainly don't blame you.


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