Thursday, July 8, 2010

So, Big Morning...

"I'd like to thank the Academy, my agent, my lawyers, all the little people who I trampled on my way to the top...."  Wait, wrong speech.  Let me backtrack just a little.

I was getting ready to post about books and spackling (not all at once mind you!), when I stopped to read all the new posts I hadn't read yet from all my favorite bloggers.  And imagine my surprise when I saw that The Lumberjack's Wife named me as one of her favorite blogs!  This totally (totes? I just don't think I can go there, Taylor!) made my morning!  If you are stopping by on her recommendation, I just want to say hi and welcome to my little corner of the Internet!  I hope you will come back and read all my riveting (ha!) posts about, well...everything.  And to Taylor, a favorite blog buddy, a huge thanks!  I wish you ten minutes of complete and total peace!  (And no more broken cabinets!)


  1. Dang! I am having trouble leaving a comment! Thanks and I am totes glad to have met you. :)

  2. I had trouble leaving comments the other day. I think it may be a blogspot issue. Glad to have met you too!


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