Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Having A Moment: The Celebrity Edition

Update:  And I think Kate Ward over at EW writes much more eloquently about what's really at the heart of the matter.

Now, while I am a bit of an entertainment industry encyclopedia (meaning I read Entertainment Weekly and People and watch a lot of movies and TV), I don't normally comment on here about such things.  This is about my life for the most part, not someone else's.  But I just can't help myself this time!

I don't feel sorry for Lindsay Lohan.  That's right,  I said it.  But I may not be going where you think I'm going with this either.  She's made mistakes and I believe that it's time she put her sobriety above everything else, including her career (which is floundering, big shock).  She also needs some people in her life who are more concerned with helping her than they are with money and fame.  Unfortunately, it seems like the two people who should be the most concerned with her welfare (her parents), just aren't.  And that's really sad to me. 

I actually applaud the judge's decision of 90 days in jail, followed by 90 days in rehab, and I hope that she orders that there be no "celebrity shortcuts" to this.  I think that spending six months, uninterupted, working out her issues might be the thing Lindsay needs the most.  Because the sad truth is she used to be a very promising actress.  You don't have to look any further than Mean Girls or The Parent Trap to see that.  However, I don't think that she is of any value to the industry in her current condition.  Perhaps this judge sees that, too.  Everybody and their brother has been on the morning shows bemoaning the harsh judgment, but maybe this is what it will take.  No one needs another celebrity killing themselves with drug and alcohol abuse, accidently or otherwise.  If her parents or other people in her life aren't willing to step in and do what needs to be done, maybe the law should.

I hope and pray that Lindsay gets the help that she needs.  And I hope that when she does, she will be able to act if that is still what she wants to do.  But starting July 20, she will have six months to think about it.  


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