Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fat Tuesday with The Lumberjack's Wife

Allow me to sum up my week.  It's Tuesday.  I'm still fat. 

I keep thinking that I will do better and so far, better has lasted only one or two days at a time.  Then, I do something horrible, like need cookies, and it's all over. 

And if that wasn't bad enough, I need to get back to exercising.  None of my clothes fit right.  I'm constantly uncomfortable.  Moreover, I'm not healthy, and that's what really bugs me.  Once school starts, I think I will be better about going to the gym.  I really like going once I make myself go there and I did a pretty decent job sticking with it this spring. I will also go back to walking in town once it's not boiling outside (the heat index today was 118 degrees), which means I will hopefully see some actual results.  Because I don't want to live my life like this, and since my goal is to look fabulous for my 30th birthday party in a little over a year, I need to get to work.

So, Taylor and the rest of the Fat Tuesday crew, it's on!


  1. I feel your pain. I hate it when my clothes don't fit right. :)

    Marla @ www.asthefarmturns.wordpress.com

  2. Gosh darn it.
    I think I am older than you.


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