Friday, August 27, 2010

Lovin' My Lists - Super Special Friday Edition

It's the super special edition of my Thursday lists because I was entirely too busy on Thursday to actually make a list of any sort.  And I sort of forgot how I was going to do this on Thursdays.  And really didn't register that yesterday was Thursday.  (That's what two days of in-house mid-week training does to your recognition of time and space!)  But let's get on to the main event...

Things I'm loving right now:
  • A quick burst of slightly cooler weather -- I love not melting when I step out my door in the morning.  Or even later in the day when I get into my car.
  • That it's somehow already Friday without me even noticing.
  • Sleeping in tomorrow--WAY in.  I need sleep something fierce.
  • It's fall baseball season--of all the things I take pictures of, baseball is my favorite.  It's so rewarding to get the action shot I was hoping for.  It's great practice, and I like that the boys get into it too (especially my junior high ones!).  They are all "You got that, right?" which makes it even more fun!
  • Being efficient--I've been teasing one of the girls at work about her level of efficiency.  I'd kill for one day at her level of precision and focus!  But I am trying to get better about getting things done, and I am starting to see some progress (just not on the whole housework thing!).
  • The moment of quiet right before the day starts (which happens to be right now for me!)
  • I fixed a car issue all by myself this week.  Well, technically, it wasn't ALL by myself (thank you, my favorite Parts Manager for your patience and assistance) but, other than one freaked out call to my dad, I took care of the issue and haven't had a moment's trouble since.
It's been such a good week that I don't even have anything making me crazy!  And that moment of silence thing is now over, so what's your list?  Let me know in the comments...


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