Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Now I'm Beginning To Get Concerned...

Sheena has taken to calling me a "stats whore" because I am totally fascinated by that little button on my Blogger dashboard.  But I am beginning to wonder about its credibility.  Here are the stats from last night...

United Arab Emirates 13
Brazil 13
Netherlands 13
Russia 13
United States 12
Turkey 10
Italy 9
Spain 6
Argentina 4
Canada 4

And most of these hits occurred during one hour or so.  Either I have have gained international popularity in one night for my little blog with its 10 followers, or something fishy is going on.  I've had a hit here or there from other countries, but this was a little off.  Just curious.  If you have any ideas (or are perhaps one of these international readers), let me hear you in the comments section.


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