Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So, in my effort to blog as much as possible, I am yet again posting with no real topic in mind.  I had a very enjoyable afternoon.  My sister came by to do some cleaning, so when I got off work, we decided to get some Mexican food.  I had to run some books to Crys, and when I did she decided to join us too.  By the time we got to the restaurant, her mother was joining us as well!  And we had such a good time just talking and hanging out.  What a wonderful, unexpected turn to my day!  Lulu and I ran to WalMart after, then to get ice cream before heading home to watch Glee. 

I'm so excited about tomorrow, because after the teachers' inservice, I get to have my hair done!  My hair hasn't been cut or colored since June (for various reasons), and it is in need of some serious TLC!   I'm ready to let Jen work her magic, and if I get really ambious, I might even post a picture tomorrow.  But no promises.

Lately, I've taken to saying that my life is a study in awkward.  I am choosing to embrace that fact rather than run from it, and the results have been really surprising.  I think that I am going to be more open to the possibilities life has for me and see what happens.  Perhaps it's the influence of Maria Davhana Headley's A Year of Yes.  Maybe it's just that I am nearing another birthday and am in the mood to shake things up.  Who knows?  I just know that I would much rather love the things that I have come into my life than to fight them.  Why waste all that effort fighting when you can just enjoy the ride?  Here's to the adventure...


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