Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The One Where I Promise Things That May Or May Not Actually Happen...

So, here's the good news.  Those pictures I've been promising you are actually on the computer.  Of course, they aren't on THIS computer, so you will still have to wait to devour the cuteness that is the little ones' birthday parties!  I really only harp on this because I really want you to see the super cute cake.  Maybe tonight it will actually happen.

I'm pretty excited because tomorrow I have taken the day off to deal with some boring grown-up things, but after that, while I am in Town, I am going to get to go shopping.  I will no doubt be stopping by my favorite store, Annie Laurie's.  I'm sure Laurie will have something that I NEED!  And then I am going to buy pants.  Because I actually need them.  And some fall clothes that actually fit, because I am still, let's say fluffy.  We are way past Fat Tuesday (Hi, Taylor) and I still have plenty of things to talk about and plenty of pounds to lose!  (Speaking of, Jay, a man I admire for his courage and hilarity has started a blog about losing weight.  Stop by and see him too!  We all need encouragement!)

And then, Friday is the day we have all been waiting birthday!  (Ok, so maybe YOU weren't waiting, but I have been!)  I'm working a post with some embarrassing childhood pictures for the event.  So, stay tuned.  And if you are just stopping by, I promise that I will talk about something important one of these days.  Really.

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  1. Hi, Katie!
    Fun Fact! Between Tuesday and Wednesday, I gained 10 pounds! Eh?
    But then today, I had lost 6 of them! Yay! But still 4 pounds heavier than Tuesday.
    And I have been religiously following WW.
    Time for a new scale?


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