Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We all have them.  I think mine are the right ones, but you are entitled to yours, too.  But please don't expect me to agree, and by all means, don't expect me to feel sorry for you if you get called out.  I'm looking at you, Maura Kelly from Marie Claire.  Since I was home having a migraine today (seriously nasty, folks), I first heard about you on The View (albeit briefly because my tolerance for women screaming at each other is a little low today.)  But then, Jen Lancaster threw her hat in the ring.  And you know I love me some Jen.  It's in my blog roll, but just click here if you want to read what Maura and Jen had to say for yourself.  (Be warned that Jen uses language, and if that offends you, you can just read my summary below.)

I have no problem calling a spade a spade.  I'm fat.  It's not something that I love about myself, but it's true and it's not like I go around trying to hide it or anything.  But it is not okay for a national magazine to ever encourage body image issues.  I don't care if it's because they are using models who are unhealthy levels of thin or telling us that if we don't look like that we should be ashamed.  But I will tell you right now that I will not be buying Marie Claire anytime soon.  (Which is okay really, since I'm a tried and true Glamour girl myself.)  And here's another thing if you don't like seeing funny, amazing, and quite frankly, beautiful women like Melissa McCarthy (who was Sookie on Gilmore Girls, too) on TV, don't tune in.  Go for a jog or a spin class or something. That's fine.  I promise I won't care.  Just don't write an article about how fat people gross you out for a national magazine and then be shocked when more than a few people get really pissed about it.  I haven't seen the show.  I don't even get CBS at my house because I'm too cheap to get a satellite, so I don't know about the show itself.  

The point is there are days when I look in the mirror and I hate what I look like.  But that happened when I was a heck of a lot thinner, too.  There are also days when I look in the mirror and think I really look good.  And you don't have to agree with me on that.  I don't really care what your opinion is of me.  I've never really had a problem loving myself, no matter my size.  I'm lucky that way.  However, I know enough to know that not everyone gets there.  Just walk down any high school hallway, fashion runway or office building in America.  And the more we hate on other people for their size, their race, their sexual orientation, whatever--the more hate there is in the world.  And aren't we sick to death of that? 

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