Thursday, October 28, 2010

A New Day

Yesterday was no fun at all.  I woke up with what I thought was a sinus headache.  Turns out it was a migraine.  By the time I was out of the shower, it was pretty obvious that I was not going to be in any shape to go to work.  (Dizzy and nauseous doesn't play well with the middle school crowd...)  I felt like a wimp, but I called in.  I spend almost the whole day (minus my blog rant about size and Marie Claire) in bed, alternating sleeping (or attempting to) and watching Season 5 of Grey's Anatomy on DVD.  This didn't actually make me better, as I was usually sobbing or trying to self-diagnose.  ("This isn't a headache, it's a brain tumor."  "My back is kind of sore.  Are my kidneys going out too?"  It's possible I'm a hypocrondriac at times.) 

Today, however, has been a much better and symptom-free day.  I actually watched the sun rise on my way to work, which sounds really impressive but the sun didn't rise until after seven, so it wasn't really.  It did make for a nice drive in, though.  Been relatively quiet around here other than that.  I just can't thinking about how it tells us in the Bible that His mercies are new every morning.  Today feels new, like God pressed the reset button and everything fell into place.  And that's a really nice feeling to have.


  1. Migraines suck! I always get them when there is seasonal change so April and September are my worst months!!!

  2. Oh and with the 30 day challenge I am starting mine on the 1st Nov as there are 30 days in that month :) have fun xxx

  3. I will start on November 1, as well! I think it will be a good time! Thanks for suggesting it!


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