Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 15: My Dream House

Oh, my dream house.  I don't even know where to begin with all the ideas I have about a house.  I mean, I live in a perfectly nice house now.  And let's be honest, I have trouble enough keeping that clean.  (Shut it, Sheena!)  But, if I was able to have my dream house, I'm choosing to believe it would come with a dream housekeeper.  So let's talk...

I really like open floor plans.  I would want to have a big kitchen with all the goodies because in my dream house I would also be able to cook like the Pioneer Woman.  I would want lots of big, comfy chairs and couches so that we could sit and watch movies or TV shows, or the big games.  And a big table with plenty of room for everyone, because in my dream house I would entertain all the time.  I would have a gigantic four-poster bed, stacked with pillows and perfect bedding.  And there would be a door in my bedroom leading on to a deck where I can drink my hot chocolate and watch the kids play or the animals run or the kids run like animals.  And I would have a sun room because I've always wanted one ever since I stayed overnight with a friend that had one when I was in junior high. 

I could show you the tear sheets or pics I've saved, but wouldn't really show you things that I most imagine in my dream house.  My house would be bright and airy and full of noise and love.  It would be the house that all the other kids in the neighborhood ended up hanging out in.  It would be full of holiday memories and girls night dinners and a million other good things.  It wouldn't ever feel cold or lonely.  Because it's not about the size of the house or how many cool features it has, it's about all the people you share it with.  (And that housekeeper.  If you're going to dream, dream big).


  1. baaahahahahah!!!!

    and my favorite part of this post?
    " the kids play or the animals run or the kids run like animals"

  2. Yeah, that was my favorite part, too!


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