Monday, November 22, 2010

My New Haircut

I wish that I had a before picture of my hair.  It had gotten really long.  And hot.  And was taking a thousand years to dry in the morning.  I have a ton of hair and it is very thick, so after a point, I can't really fix it, I just keep making it bigger.  Tonight I went to see my awesome hair guru, and Jen didn't steer me wrong.  I love this!  (and even don't mind this self portrait!  Please pay no attention to the drying rack I've hung in my office.)
 And this was more or less my hair inspiration. I wasn't brave enough to go pixie short, but I needed to have bangs because I have a giant forehead.  I wish that I could have found a better picture of the second cut, because Ginnifer's hair is SO cute in the movie!  But this one did have Josh Duhamel.  And he's awfully cute, so fair trade, I suppose.
I've got great fun planned for tomorrow (and the rest of this week), so stay tuned!!


  1. I love it! It really looks terrific and so flattering.

  2. Aw! Thanks! I was pretty thrilled with it myself.


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