Friday, December 3, 2010

Goodbye, Sanity. I Will Miss You.

So, here's the postscript to yesterday's post.  After the minor explosion in my classroom yesterday, workmen were called in from the Big City.  They say that there's no way I could have seen or heard the things I reported, and that all I had to do to fix the problem was press F5.  (Which you think they might have mentioned during the four calls that were made prior to them getting here.)  And they assured us that since those cables have no electricity there couldn't have been sparks.  It must have been my printer (which still works fine and plugged into a surge protector.)  But whatever.  So, now I look insane and like a complete idiot.  Great.

The rest of my day did improve.  I was able to purchase much of what I was looking for.  I also bought the most beautiful pair of jeans for Saturday night, even though they were more than what I usually spend on jeans.  (I had to really, as they will look awesome with my zebra print shirt, come on, people!)  And I had dinner with my favorite brother and sister-in-law, which certainly sent the night out on a high note!

I have a pretty busy weekend ahead.  I have a photo shoot early Saturday afternoon.  Then I need to head over to celebrate the night away with Amber and all of her peoples, as it is her Quarterlife Birthday Party.  I've seen the guest list and am assured it will be a great time!  (Trust me, there will be pictures!)   Sunday, I have a craft project to work on, pictures to edit, Christmas songs to relearn for cantata.  And then suddenly it will be Monday again.  But the truly great news is that it will be the second to last Monday I work in 2010! 

Christmas Break is looming on the horizon, my friend!  And even though it looks as though I might be seeing it from the padded walls of my sanitarium, it's still an exciting prospect!


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