Tuesday, December 28, 2010

If Only I Had Pink, Shiny Heels...

Twenty years ago today, a little after 8:00 AM, my daddy called Grandma Mary Jo's to tell Matt and me that we had a little sister.  Matt was less than thrilled, but I had gotten exactly what my nine year-old heart wanted--a sister.

At 20, she still believes her birthday is a national holiday.  This year she declared that it should be celebrated by wearing something pink, something shiny, or high heels (I went with shiny and heels, in case you were dying to know).  We had dinner at Willy Jack's and went and saw True Grit with the fam, and I am an absolute failure because my only pics from tonight are on my phone, but here's a quick photo retrospective of some of my other favorite moments.  (The girl has always loved the camera!)

We may not have always gotten along (for we are entirely too much alike), but we have always loved each other in the ways that counted.  Now, she is no longer a teenager and almost a nurse, but she will forever be my baby sister!  Happiest of happy birthdays to you, Lu!  (I think this counts as a nice starter birthday present, since you demanded your own post and all :) 


  1. Wait...does she read your blog? Or is this as tacky as doing the happy birthday thing to people on facebook who don't even have facebook?

  2. Not only does she read my blog, she demanded her own birthday post. And was disturbed that I didn't already have it up yesterday morning.


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