Thursday, December 30, 2010

Shredder's View Of Christmas

Shredder is my parents' cat, if you have never heard me mention him before.  He is about as spoiled as they come, and is famous for disliking almost everyone not a member of our family.  In fact, he's not always that friendly to us.  But like the baby of most families, he can do no wrong in my mother's eyes.  At least he's awfully nice to look at and he has more personality than almost any cat I've ever met.  (Unfortunately, most of that personality includes descriptors like hateful, needy, and territorial.)  Here's Christmas in his words...

 "Christmas is a difficult time of year to be a cat.  Everyone is home, which completely destroys my nap schedule.  Then, there's the extra things to attack, like presents and bows.  And that's added into my normal schedule of begging for attention and tormenting visitors.  Sometimes, you just need a rest..."
 "It's nice to have a human willing to pick you up and hold you sometimes.  Don't judge me.  If you could, you'd totally do it too, and you know I'm right, so don't even argue."
 "When you do get a moment's rest, it's heater time.  My humans have placed one in the downstairs so that I have a place to get my body temp up to a preferred 107.4.  I'd like to be a little warmer, but I'm told it could cause me to actually burst into flames..."
"I'll certainly be glad when everyone returns to work and school.  How else is a cat suppose to get his 20 hours of sleep?  Happy New Year indeed!"


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