Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cleaning House

I'm not being metaphorical here.  I've been trying to actually clean up around here during break.  You'd think it would be easy to keep things clean with just one person living here, but that's not true, mostly because this one person tends toward the messy.  I'm a packrat, which after my time at the Farmhouse this week, appears to be genetic.  I want to be organized, I'm just terrified that if I throw something away I will immediately need it.  (Yeah, I know that's what the hoarders say.  Shut it.)

Anyway, I've almost succeeded in getting my kitchen put together. (Pictures will follow soon!) It's not perfect, but it's certainly not terrifying either.  I'm hoping to get the bathroom and at least part of the dining/living room done before break is over, because I know once I get back to school, my time will be limited.  I think that the majority of the problem is that the chaos doesn't really bother me, and since I'm the only one here, it doesn't really matter.  But I've decided that's no longer an acceptable excuse. 

2011 (and my 30th year) is going to be the year I finally get my crap together.  I'm officially declaring it so here on the blog, so there's no taking it back!  I'm going to trash the stuff that doesn't work, get rid of what I don't use, and otherwise behave like the adult I (gulp!) actually am!  Because how can I expect to have peace in my life if I don't have order in it first?


  1. Fun Fact: I am turning 30, too.

  2. Aw! We can grow better (and older) together, Taylor!


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