Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I've mentioned before that my cooking skills are sub-par at best.  I have a handful of decent things, and the rest are well, interesting.  So it's no surprise that I found myself blankly staring at items in the baking aisle today, trying to decide what I would need to make cookies for this weekend.  (We have a women's ministry cookie sale to help us buy goodies for families in need.)  Of course, I didn't have any real recipes in mind.  That would have required planning.  And I don't really do planning.

Instead, I had to ask myself "WWPDD?" which of course stands for "What Would Paula Deen Do?"  Paula Deen is my hero. How could you not be fascinated with the calorie intake of her meals alone?  In one meal this week, she served a deep fried ham, loaded mash potatoes, breaded asparagus, and red velvet bread pudding.  No joke.  My sister and I call her Nana, because we hope that she would adopt us as official taste testers if not granddaughters.  I love her and every Southern-fried recipe that rolls out of her mouth. 

So, immediately, I bought butter. I also bought sweetened condensed milk, baking powder, baking soda, brown sugar, flour, and chocolate chips.  Those all seemed like things people who bake talk about.  Now all I have to do it pick a recipe.  I promise to keep you updated on the status of the cookies.  After all, it's for the children. 


  1. Oh geez. I'll be right over! Don't hurt youself! ;-)

  2. This post was hilarious. I love to watch PD too. Didn't she once say you can make anything taste delicious if you add a pound of butter and a pound of onions?

  3. Sheena, Shut up! :)

    Missy Jill, Thanks! I feel like that is something my dear, sweet Nana would say!


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