Thursday, January 6, 2011

Apologies, But I Must Tend To The Cheese

I have all these really great posts coming up.  Things about how much I have loved reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett, about the culture of America's youth and dreams, about a thousand other things.  Some of them may actually be well written and funny.  It just won't be happening today. 

Because today--today, all I can think about is midterm testing and processed nacho cheese.  And that's not good for much of anything, certainly not an interesting post. 

The only non-school related thing that happened to me this week included flirting with the adorable eye dr. intern yesterday and buying some Biggest Loser workout DVDs, in hopes that I will someday make it home with enough time and energy to actually do them.  And how much I am loving all the compliments I am getting on my new hair color/cut  (which I will have to post a picture of on here later).

There should be a great many real (and hopefully, really interesting) post coming your way this weekend!  Consider this your warning!


  1. I have heard so much about that book, Really must read it some day!

  2. Reading it now...don't spoil the end for me! Sorry I didn't call. Crazy 1st week back. I'm off tonight, but it sounds like you're knee deep in concessions. We'll catch up soon!

  3. Rebecca--it is so good! I would definitely recommend it!

    Sheena--I would never spoil the end of a book in a review! That would be SO wrong! Yeah, I am basically swamped until Saturday, so we will catch up this weekend!

  4. Nothing can be done while fantasizing about nacho cheese.

    That is a true fact of life.

  5. Megan, you are too much! I actually dislike nacho cheese. But it still manages to take up too much of my time!

  6. If I end up eating nacho cheese straight out of the jar with a spoon tonight I'm blaming you. :)

  7. Sorry, Mindee. I do not condone nacho cheese. Especially from the jar.


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