Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!!

This is totally not worth being the first post of 2011, but I just wanted to share that major progress was made on my house today.  I'm talking floors mopped, dishes and clothes washed, pictures hung.  Things are dusted, scrubbed, and vacuumed.  I can even show you photographic evidence...

My bathroom.  Mopped and scrubbed.
 Kitchen table (which I love)
 Still have some dishes to do, just keeping it real...
 My old (but new to me) cookie jar, a gift from my Auntie.  I'm obsessed with cobalt blue.
 And two pictures of my fridge because I love it and it's multicolored fabulousness!

 Further proof that I am now an adult.  I used a gift card from Christmas to buy new silverware, since my old set cost $10.00 for the whole thing and was starting to rust.
I also wanted to update you all on my entry way, because I know you all spent December wondering about that (HA!).  It's not finished yet, but thanks to my dad, I got several more pieces hung on Saturday.
 I love this barn star!
 The framed painting  is one of my favorite pieces of art I own.
And while I'm posting pictures, I have a few things that I needed to share that haven't found a home in any of my other posts.  Last Wednesday, Amber and I met for dinner.  She gave me a Christmas present, which I will be sharing in a post later this week, but we also went to look at her neighbor's house, henceforth known as the House Where Christmas Threw Up.  It was rainy, so we couldn't fully capture the display, but it's HUGE...

Amber loved the blow-up nativity.

 And, much like the stores, Amber's already prepping for Valentine's Day!
And lastly, a story.  When I was younger, my grandpa (whose house I live in now) owned a shop.  I love going over there and getting a Dixie Cream donut and walking around the buildings.  But one of my favorite things was when Grandpa would bring bubble wrap over for us to pop.  Now, I'm not talking about just any kind of it, either.  This is the kind with the huge bubbles.  We would line the entry way and hop and hop until they were all spent.  It just so happens that yesterday I found some of that kind of bubble wrap and for old times sake, lined the entry way and hopped 'til it popped.  It was one of the best things I've done in a long time, and quite the way to start a new year.

Tomorrow, I go back to work.  This will be an adjustment to say the least, as I had happily settled into a rise at nine or ten AM and staying up past midnight.  But I'll live.  And I'll probably be a little better about the blogging too! 


  1. I'm completely excited about this post!!!!!! So proud. Can I come visit now?

  2. PS-love love love the silverware...and WHERE was that house? That's ridiculous!

  3. The living/dining room and the yellow room still need a great deal of work. But my bedroom, the bathroom, and the kitchen are all good. So we're much closer to you not have a panic attack.

    The house is out in a neighborhood behind Amber's apt. And I wish you could see all of it! (and I'm really excited about the silverware too)


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