Friday, December 31, 2010

About Last Night & A Little About Today

So, it's possible there was a pity party in this house last night.  And it's also possible that it seemed like a good idea to blog about it.  While I am all about keeping it honest, I don't want to be the world's longest broken record either.  I'm trying to find a balance in that, just bear with me. 

In all honesty, I'm fine.  And I am certainly excited about the start of the New Year.  2010 was good, but I believe that 2011 will be even better.  There are babies to be born, weddings to be celebrated, and who knows what else we will be talking about here on the blog!  Chances are I will be diatribing (is that even a word?) about celebrities, as I'm sure to still be wondering aloud about how it turns out that our country cares more about Jersey Shore than, well, all too many things.  I'm claiming 2011 as mine.  I've got a theme song (King of Anything - Sara Bareilles), I've got a 'kick butt and take names' attitude, and I am ready for whatever comes.

More importantly, today is my little brother's birthday.  He couldn't care less about a shout out on my blog, as I'm fairly certain he's not reading it, but I'm all about fairness here.  So, Happy Birthday, Bubby!  2010 brought you an excellent wife, so I'm not sure how 2011 could be any better but, here's wishing!


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